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Delivery Times and Policies

 Click below to get your scheduled delivery time or call:   877-562-3232 ( 24-hour Delivery Times)

    Retail Customer       Wholesale Customer

Delivery Territory:
We deliver directly to homes in virtually all of Southern California.  The delivery territory is divided into Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Zone 1 deliveries are generally made in the afternoon, with sod harvested that morning.  The Zone 1 territory includes:
  • South Santa Barbara County
  • Ventura County
  • Northwest Los Angeles County

Zone 2 deliveries are made in the morning with sod that was harvested the prior afternoon.  The Zone 2 territory includes:
  • Central, South, and East Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • West San Bernardino County
  • West Riverside County
  • West San Diego County

Delivery Location:
Please prepare a site with a minimum of 4 feet square for every 500 sq. ft. of sod ordered.
Sod will be dropped curbside unless otherwise specified.    Caution, a forklift loaded with sod is VERY HEAVY.   Deliveries with special spotting instructions may require a signed release of liability by the property owner, in the event our driver feels there is substantial risk of property damage.

Delivery Time:
  • Delivery times are our best estimate. WE DO NOT PAY STANDBY TIME, in the event that we are late.   We make every effort to complete our deliveries on time.   Delivery times are calculated using complex computer algorithms that cannot predict extraordinary circumstances (traffic, break down, difficulty of prior deliveries, etc). 
  • Deliveries are routed to maximize trucking efficiencies, as well as accommodate customer requests.  Requesting “early as possible” or “late as possible” can generally be accommodated.   However, we will not know your exact drop time or delivery sequence until the routes are computed.
  • Zone 1 deliveries are scheduled as trucks return from their morning routes.
    Customers can call the office for delivery times (800-532-3489).   E-mail or text message notification is available to wholesale customers.
  •  Zone 2 (morning) delivery times, are generally available after 4 pm the prior evening. 
    Customers can call our delivery time hotline (877-562-3232), or click the link above after 5 pm the day prior to delivery to see their scheduled delivery time.   E-mail or text message notification is available to wholesale customers.