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Marathon All Season Fertilizer
The Fertilizer That's Always In Season

To keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, be sure to apply Marathon® All-Season Fertilizer one month after installation, and every month to two months thereafter.

Marathon All-Season Fertilizer is:

  • Formulated especially for your Marathon Lawn.
  • Nitrogen-rich for quick greening.
  • Three fertilizers in one, using three application rates:
  • Quick Boost - revives faded lawns with a high nitrogen formula.
  • Winter - high nitrate gives relief to yellowed lawns in cooler weather.
  • Maintenance - provides the right balance of nutrients to keep lawns green and looking lush no matter the season.
  • Give Your Marathon Lawn A Healthy Head Start

    And in case you forgot to put down Marathon Sod & Seed Starter/All-Purpose Fertilizer before having your new lawn installed, it's not too late - you can still apply it over the top for great results!

    This specially formulated fertilizer:
  • Accelerates the establishment of your new lawn.
  • Nurtures your lawn through its critical first weeks.
  • Reduces the risk of transplant shock.
  • Helps the grass roots develop faster.
  • Provides a carefully balanced mixture of vital nutrients.
  • Is the perfect fertilizer for all your house and garden-variety plants.

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