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Our Family Tradition
Meet Brothers
Jurgen and Martin Gramckow

When our family founded Southland Sod Farms, we pledged to take whatever extra steps were necessary to cultivate the healthiest, most beautiful sod ever available in Southern California. We’ve been in the sod business for over 40 years now, and even after our initial success, the Gramckow family promise continues to innovate and improve.

Marathon Sod
Turf Means Reliability:

That’s Why We’re the Most
Popular Choice.

  • Marathon is comprised of proprietary grass varieties, which have been rigorously tested for adaptability to Southern California climate and soils.
  • Ideal growing conditions in coastal Ventura County result in healthy, vigorous sod with no risk of plant damage from extreme weather conditions.
  • All fields are laser leveled to be perfectly flat prior to each planting. As a result, the sod is perfectly uniform in thickness and moisture at harvest.
  • Higher seed rates and closer plant spacing using our patented seeder result in denser turf.
  • All fields are mowed with reel-type mowers as opposed to rotary mowers resulting in grass cleanly cut with a scissors-like action, not chopped or torn grass.
  • Marathon is dark green naturally. We never use dye to cover weather damage, production shortcuts or genetic flaws.
  • We produce ten varieties of turf to meet all your customer needs.

the Freshest Sod

  • We are the only sod farm with our own vacuum refrigeration facility.
  • All Marathon Sod is cooled prior to shipment to prevent spoilage and increase pallet life.
  • All sod is delivered to the job site within 24 hours of harvest.

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Important Notice - BEWARE!

Look Out! Beware! We have had multiple reports of homeowners being solicited by landscape work crews offering seeding services with Southland Sod Farms publications misrepresenting themselves as Southland Sod employees. They initially quote a cheap rate and then attempt to collect excessive fees for work unprofessional work using cheap unbranded seed. In addition, they harass the homeowner into paying cash for the subpar services provided.

Southland Sod Farms does not provide installation or landscaping services. We provide high-quality Marathon products offered through many reputable contractors and well-known nursery centers.

Our on-site advisors do not sell products, they will troubleshoot and provide lawn support free of charge!